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Happy Birthday!!!

I hope you're having a fun day and that the coming year will be exceedingly generous to you!

Happy Birthday!

Hey, I hope you're enjoying a fun day, filled with much laughter with family and friends.  And may the coming year bring you great joy!  ::hugs::

LJ 18th anniversary

#mylivejournal #lj18 #happybirthday

Wow, eleven and a half years since I joined LJ - hard to believe. Nowadays, I'm mostly on Tumblr but I still miss the old yahoo groups where discussions were easier. But, then, I'm old so I'm pleased with myself to be participating in various social media at all! ::grins::

Happy LJ Anniversary Everyone!
Please go to the link below to vote for Almost Human. We will probably never get the series back but we might gain enough attention to get a tv movie or mini series, perhaps on Netflix or HBO. We've gained some ground but are still in 4th place, but only 6% away from being in the lead. PLEASE vote and share on your pages, requesting others to vote as well. Thanks!

Here's the link: https://voiceoftv.com/cancelled-too-soon-or-not-soon-enough#BX0YzLjjudfum1Mm.21


I have a friend who recently had a heart transplant in Vancouver, BC. She needs to stay in Vancouver for 4-6 months, for followup with the surgeon. Accordingly, she and her caregiver (her daughter) need a hopefully not expensive apartment in the city for that period of time. If you know of any possible vacancy that might suit, would you let me know right away? Thanks.

Review of Niagara Falls

Garett has enjoyed performing the role of the 'genial carny' in the original play Niagara Falls, which has been receiving rave reviews, at the One Note Theater in Hollywood. In the program, he dedicated his performance to his wife, Cindy, and their children, Josh, Gabby and Franny. The link below takes you to a glowing review of this delightful play which, as the author said, defines 'reductive summary'. If you're in the area, treat yourself to a fun evening that you're guaranteed to enjoy. Play closes 28 July, 2015.


Amazon Gold Box Deal of the Day

FYI Amazon has a great deal for Stargate Atlantis, The Complete Series: $45 for bluray $30 for dvds.

Great News About Moonridge!

We have BIG news regarding our beloved zoo, guys! As you may remember, the Zoo has been waiting for the San Bernadino Board of Supervisors to approve the new zoo - and they've finally done it!!! YAHOO!! Gale, the Office Manager for the Big Bear Alpine Zoo (formerly known as Moonridge *G*) believes they'll actually break ground and begin the excavation process this year, with construction continuing through 2015.

She stated there's a good chance the new Zoo will have its grand opening by either the end of summer or early fall, 2016. And in case you've forgotten, 2016 will mark the 20th anniversary of The Sentinel's first episode and yes, she thinks it would be great to tie the grand opening with said anniversary!

Start saving now, guys. Saving for the biggest, greatest Auction of our history, and for perhaps, that dream trip to California in 2016 to join in the Grand Opening festivities.

Please pass this one to all our TS senfen as well as other fandoms who have joined us in the love and care of what will be, for us, always; the Moonridge Zoo! :)

alyjude & the Moonies
Hey, there's a special run-off vote until Wed at 5 pm Pacific. Almost Human is in second place -- and moving up while the leader is faltering. We can do this; we can show FOX there's an active and supportive fan base for this show and it's worth their while to renew sooner rather than later. So, please, every spare second you have, go vote at: http://www.eonline.com/news/516652/save-one-show-2014-it-s-the-wild-card-round-vote-your-favorite-series-back-in-now

SAVE ONE SHOW: We're so close ....

Hey, Almost Human is less than one percent away from being in the top five to make it into the next and final round. C'mon, folks, go over and vote as often as you can to save this show. Let's use every way possible to show FOX that we love this show and want it to be renewed. Go here: http://www.eonline.com/news/514021/save-one-show-2014-round-3-vote-in-the-top-10-now