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I saw this on Sentinel_Sanctuary, and Aly requested that it be passed along. I've included my answers to her questions under the cut. If you reproduce this to pass it along, remember to remove my answers and add your own!

Well, tomorrow is the actual anniversary and while many lists are
planning several types of celebrations, I kind of thought of this: Since
the show premiered on a Wednesday night at 8:00pm, I thought that
beginning at 8 tonight and going through 9:00 tomorrow (the show was on
for an hour *grin*), we share the following on our lists, blogs and

1. One episode memory - it could be the first episode you watched, or an
"ah-ha" episode, etc

The first ep I watched (having heard about the show and receiving all of them on video in a box from a friend, was TS1 and TS2 ... and I remember thinking, 'Huh?' When Jim took off early in the second ep, pretty much ignored Blair through the whole thing and ... well, we ALL remember his fascination with Alex. I have to admit, that 'coloured' how I saw Jim. Especially when I watched the remainder of season four before going back to the beginning. Took me a long time (and meeting Richard Burgi, actually) before I saw more than a pretty cold guy. I kept telling myself that he had to be a great guy or Blair wouldn't value him so much. But now I remember other moments when Jim was clearly nearly beside himself with worry or fear for Blair: when the kid was taken by Lash; when he was shot by the Iceman; when he was nearly blown up on the rig; when Jim heard shots fired at the deserted village where he left Blair in Flight; most of the Dead Drop ep, but particularly the moments when he got on the mike after the elevator dropped, and when the bomb blew; and, of course, at the fountain -- and in every case, afterward, Jim was either completely matter of fact or making light of the event or ignoring it completely. The man cared, obviously, but sure held it inside except in crisis moments. And I found myself thinking, 'Is this a guy thing?' because Blair was almost as quick to either joke about or ignore what had happened. Guess I was spoiled by Hercules and Iolaus. At least when Herc got Iolaus back from the dead, he wasn't shy about showing his absolute joy as he hugged the stuffing out of the guy, LOL. They hugged a lot in that show ... and I wish they'd hugged more in TS in emotionally-laden moments of relief. But, sigh, I guess that's what fanfic is for.

2. One moment you experienced that you'll never forget because of being
in the Sentinel fandom

Gosh, just one? Sorry, I've got days, months, worth of great moments! Like the month-long holiday with StarWatcher and Penny as we drove to and from Moonridge a couple of years ago and had a great time seeing the beauty of the Black Hills, Aspen, Arches Monument, Zion National Park, Sedona ... the list goes on -- a trip I wouldn't've made with great, wonderful friends I wouldn't have known if not for TS and the fandom. The whole weekend at Cascade Con, especially on the Saturday when I laughed so hard all day long that it almost started to hurt. Can't remember another single day that I've had so much fun or laughed so much. Having such a great time with Jess Riley and her family in Australia when, again, I wouldn't know Jess but for the fandom. Like getting together with Aly for lunch on two trips I've made to Southern California this year. Or the trip I'll be taking this apring to spend time with Suzi and Jessie, and the one coming up this fall in France with Sylvette to meet Max, again people I only know from the fandom. I owe TS and Jim and Blair a debt I'll never be able to repay for the joy they have brought into my life and the wonderful friends I've made because of them.

3. If you've seen any of the guys, the one event/moment that you'll
never forget.

Gosh, again, just one? Well ... this is a moment I've not widely shared until now but it's got to be the most special one I remember. During my first trip to Moonridge, I had the privilege of talking with Richard Burgi one on one and he was so very kind afterward, helping me across the uneven ground, steadying me with a hand on my back until I was back on the paved walkway. But that's not the moment. And, that day was also incredible in terms of getting several great hugs and kisses on the cheek from Richard (he's so exuberant and nobody but nobody hugs as good as he does)! But those aren't the moments, either. But all those moments gave me the courage when, at the end of the day after the auction of memorabilia that he'd brought along, when he was signing those things we'd won and hugging us and kissing our cheeks, I asked if he'd mind if I kissed his cheek. And he laughed delightedly, grinned widely, said, "I'd love it!" and leaned down close so I could kiss his cheek. Be still my old, creaky heart, LOL. I won't EVER forget that. Such a truly lovely man.

But ... I can't resist saying I also won't forget the moment Garett appeared when I was being photographed with one of the animals. Walked right up to me, holding out his hand, thanking me for my support and looking me deeply in the eyes as if I was the only other person on the face of the earth. There's something about the way he looks at a person, so focused, so there and immediate in the moment, and those eyes ... mesmerizingly beautiful. He took me completely by surprise and I was ... virtually speechless. I think I babbled something and was no doubt all too obviously flustered. Humiliating really, when one would so like to be charming and mature, witty and engaging, pleasantly memorable. But I'll never ever forget the power of his eyes, or the dizzy experience of looking into them for the very first time and being utterly captivated by that sweet young man.

And Bruce? Two special moments during auctions at Cascade Con. The first, on the Saturday, Bruce evidently had decided I was going to win one of the items after I'd begun bidding from the beginning and nearly had it won several times when someone else would enter a last second bid. Finally, after this had gone on for several rounds, he blistered through the 'going, going, going gone SOLD!' routine before any other bids could be made, LOL. And then, on Sunday, during another hot and heavy auction, this one for a wool cap knit for Garett by Sylvia, Bruce started what I can only call 'playing' -- teasing me about not using the numbered bidding card, bellowing at me to get it out, etc etc very stern and then laughing and it was just so much fun. And very memorable. Special moments.

4. Anything else you want to share regarding the show, the fandom, the

I'm grateful to the people who maintain websites and archives so we can all enjoy the stories and art -- I'm still discovering great stuff I'd never known about. Grateful to all the people who create beauty, whether stories or art, to put on those pages and in those archives for us all to enjoy. Grateful to you, Suzi, Jessie and Akablonded and the other contributors for making this 10th Anniversary special. There are times when I've been uncomfortable in this fandom, some times in the last few months when I've thought of dissassociating, but I dearly the love the show, the characters, and so very many people in the fandom, and I hope the spirit of the LJ community, the new Sentinel-Sanctuary list community and this anniversary will continue to make this fandom a fun place to play for a very long time to come. There is greatness in this fandom, great heart, great talent, such great people, on and off the screen. I'm glad you've created an opportunity for us to celebrate all of that. Thank you.

Let's rediscover ourselves, our friends, and Jim and Blair as we walk
down memory lane. :)

Spread the word. Let's see how well this can take off between 8 tonight
and 9 tomorrow. :)

PS: And don't forget to drop by the 10th Anniversary site as more
stories will be loaded tomorrow! And have you played the games? How did
you do?

Yep, I played and had a blast -- and did pretty good, too, LOL!

And we need more icons too! :) And don't forget that the
celebration doesn't end tomorrow -- we're going to be partying ALL
month! So it's not too late to submit that story, artwork or icon.
You've got until the 31st! :) And while you're thinking about it, don't
forget to drop a word of thanks to Suzi and Peter for hosting the site
for me and putting in so much incredible work on it! And Deana for
allowing me to use her anniversary art as our cover art (could anything
be more perfect?). Check out the Staff page and give our gamesters a
thanks too! A great deal of imagination went into creating those games!


10th Anniversary site URL: http://www.lasgalen.net/sen10th/




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