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Moonridge online Auction

Hey, like so many others, I'm blown away by the bids on my stories this year! Thank you to everyone who has bid on them and on my print of a charcoal portrait of Blair (that was ably aided and abetted by Lorraine during an art lesson she gave me in Big Bear Lake after Moonridge last year!) And there are some other terrific bids as well, quite a few of them actually, and that's wonderful.

But I was just checking the auction site and there are loads of goodies still going for very reasonable bids. Time's running out. Items start to expire in the wee early hours of Saturday morning, so if you haven't yet ambled over to the website, check out www.thefreeauction.com -- hit Miscellaneous and then Adult and you're in! If you registered last year, chances are, you're still registered to bid. If not, registration is SO easy.

Meanwhile, the muses are being unmerciful this week (wouldn't let me sleep at all last night), and I've got another slash story that may be done by the weekend. Do you think it would be worthwhile if I put a third TS story up? You know, with J/B conflict because they aren't coming clean about how they feel and lots of angst on both sides -- and it's not a 'first time'.

And I've been wondering if winners would mind if, when the auction ends, the offer is made to also share the won story with anyone who matches their bid. Not quite as 'exclusive' I guess, but maybe really good for the animals ....


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Jun. 7th, 2006 12:02 pm (UTC)
Meanwhile, the muses are being unmerciful this week (wouldn't let me sleep at all last night), You say that like it is a bad thing:D We can never have too much TS fic from you and I have no doubt a third story would have no trouble attracting bids. With regard to sharing the story if the winning bid is matched. I think it is a nice idea but probably something you would have to run by the winning bidder first. Maybe a compromise would be to offer the story to the second place bidder 24/48 hours later. Just a suggestion.
Jun. 7th, 2006 08:23 pm (UTC)
Good idea about the delay for secondary bidders! Thanks!
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