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New story posted

I've just posted a new slash, 'first time' story, entitled LIES, on my site at www.arianna.hidden-muse.com It's moderately long ... 61 pages, over 41,000 words.

I have to thank Janet for giving me yet another great idea to run with, and only hope I've done it justice. As always, my thanks go to StarWatcher, as well, for beta'ing the story, and to Rhianne, for hosting my slash stories on her site.

Briefly, the story is set post-TSbyBS and Blair has been a cop for nearly a year. But, when he's the key witness in a murder trial, his testimony is impugned by his reputation as a liar and a fraud, and the case is thrown out. And ... well, you'll just have to read the rest of it!

If you get a chance to check it out, I hope you enjoy it, and I'd sure appreciate feedback!


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Sep. 9th, 2006 05:59 pm (UTC)
Yay! It looks good.

Suggestion -- post this at ts_news; that's what it's for, and you'll catch people who don't read your LJ. Also, add the beginning of the URL, so that LJ will give them a clickable link --
Sep. 9th, 2006 07:14 pm (UTC)
Great suggestions, thanks!
Sep. 9th, 2006 06:08 pm (UTC)
Lovely story! I gotta say, I was all weepy and angsting through half of this story. I mean, the boys were just so messed up. I felt so bad for them and you fixed it! YAY! Great job!
Sep. 9th, 2006 07:12 pm (UTC)
Wow, you're fast! I'm so glad to know you enjoyed the story ... thanks for letting me know!
Sep. 10th, 2006 03:59 pm (UTC)
How you write such great story's out of my ramblings amazes me every time.
Sep. 10th, 2006 05:35 pm (UTC)
Ah, Janet, for me, the writing is the easy part -- the hard part is coming up with new ideas! You have really great ideas and I'm SO glad you share them so willingly with me. Thank you.
Sep. 10th, 2006 04:53 pm (UTC)
Ooh - a nice long new story from you... ::bounces:: The thought of coming home to read it will get me through the boring meeting I have to go to... Thanks!
Sep. 10th, 2006 05:27 pm (UTC)
::grins:: You're so sweet! Thank you for letting me know that the anticipation of reading this new story will help get you through your day. That's ... well, tremendously touching, and makes me really glad I wrote it. Now, I just hope you enjoy it!
Sep. 13th, 2006 01:16 pm (UTC)
Now, I just hope you enjoy it!

I did, thank you! Whatever Janet said to set you off, I just hope she does again *g*.

Great story, you had me sniffling in all the right places, plus a great ending.

Thanks again. :~D
Sep. 13th, 2006 08:07 pm (UTC)
Hey, thanks for getting back to say you enjoyed the story! And I'll pass your comment along to Janet! Really and truly, I appreciate your feedback enormously.
Sep. 10th, 2006 11:35 pm (UTC)
::hangs head in shame:: I’m a bad friend and a bad fan ;0( But, the good news is that I stopped sneezing long enough over the weekend to read it. :0) It was a wonderful story and yes, it was full of angst and some hanky moments.

The part that stayed in my mind the most was the ending. About bloody time Jim did the right thing *g* and I loved how you involved both William and Steven in the story. I think this went a long way to giving Blair a sense of family and a sense of really belonging.

Oh, and I also have to mention the dining room table and Jim’s cleaning fetish – This made
me laugh. (Won’t give anymore away)

Excellent job!
Sep. 10th, 2006 11:54 pm (UTC)
No, no! You're a fabulous friend and, hey, as far as being a fan goes, I think you're terrific!

I'm glad to hear that your cold sounds like it's getting better!

Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the story, Jess ... ::grins:: I couldn't resist the cleaning scene, LOL!!!! Though I'm not sure it's credible. Not sure any guy would worry about something like at a time like that, but I thought working it in as a kind of reflexive action might fly. And, yeah, the last we heard on the series was that William and Steven were some upset, so I wanted to slip in that those fences were well and truly mended.

Really appreciate your note!
Sep. 11th, 2006 12:02 am (UTC)
::grins:: I couldn't resist the cleaning scene, LOL!!!! Though I'm not sure it's credible.

That's the thing about humour ... it doesn't have to be what a person would normally do. But in this case, I could very much see the look on Jim's face. :0)
Sep. 11th, 2006 05:10 am (UTC)
wonderful! a nice, long, juicy story from you. a great way to recover from moving our daughter into her new apt. I'm too old for that shit! So many great things about the story - please tell Janet she that she can ramble in your ear as often as she'd like. Thanks Janet! Thanks arianna!
Sep. 11th, 2006 05:24 am (UTC)
You're very welcome, Sallye -- and I'll pass your words along to Janet! Thanks so much for writing to let Janet and I know you enjoyed this story and that it helped after what had to be an exhausting day!!
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