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LMFA Awards

Oh, my! I just received a note from Sara:

"You are a co-winner for first place in the LMFA category Gen - Classic Author. Your story, The Auction (Gen), has won first place in the category Gen - Angst and first place in the category Gen - Smarm. Your story, The Auction (Slash), has won an honorable mention in the category Slash - Hurt/Comfort. Your story, Gone Fishing, has won first place in the category Gen - Episode Related.

The story you wrote with Alyjude, Desperate Journey, has won in the category Slash - Collaboration."

I'm so very grateful to everyone who voted for these stories and for the 'Gen-Classic Author' award. I treasure these awards from readers, and I'm just so glad -- and touched -- that you enjoy the stories I write for you.

I want to acknowledge and share this award with a few folks. StarWatcher: for the contributions you have made in helping me to make the stories as good as they can be with your wonderful beta support; Starfox: for hosting them in your gorgeous Mansion, to make them available to everyone; Rhianne: for hosting my slash stories; and Janet: thank you for having suggested the idea of 'The Auction' (as well as so many other stories) to me! ::big hugs to all of you!::

It's especially wonderful to be sharing an award with Alyjude, who is my favourite slash writer in the fandom; it was such a thrill to work on this story with her! (Aside to Aly: I still wish you'd let your name stand for the author awards in the slash category!!!! I so wanted to vote for you.)

All the stories on the ballot this year only represent the tip of the wealth of fiction we have in this fandom which, as readers, makes us all winners. My thanks to everyone: the other writers who contribute so much, the readers, the artists, and, especially, the LMFA Committee, who give so much time and effort to bring us this awards process every year.

What a wonderful way to end the year!

Happy New Year everyone! May 2007 bring only joy to all of you!

Love, Arianna


Dec. 31st, 2006 06:51 am (UTC)
You're right about all the quality! I was so pleased to see so many multiple awards in a number of categories! Very reflective of the wealth of talent in the fandom.



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