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A while ago, I posted about efforts in the Hardcastle and McCormick fandom to raise the funds required in support of the Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Brian Keith.

Well, we're a good ten thousand short of what we need by April, 2008, or the star won't be installed. So, I've taken a VERY deep breath and offered to coordinate an online auction to raise the necessary funds. (Aly, stop laughing!)

As you can imagine, I need a world of help to make this work. Specifically, I need to get the word out to other fandoms, and I need donations of items for the auction ... and I need people who will bid. Although this auction is being coordinated by the Hardcastle and McCormick fandom, we are VERY open to items celebrating other fandoms ... stories, art, memorabilia, etc. For example, I'll be donating at least two stories in the auction ... they could be TS stories. And although the auction is being run as a gen affair celebrating friendship, if someone wanted a TS slash fic, I'd make that deal on the side with the winner.

Janet is making a Hardcastle and McCormick themed quilt for us! YAY -- GO JANET!!!!

And we'll have lots of Christmas gift items, so bidders could get some of their shopping done on-line at the auction.

The auction announcement is under the cut. Please, please share this with your lists, on your LJs, and please, please consider donating to help make this Star For Brian happen. He was an exceptional actor who I'd bet touched us all in one role or another, whether in H&M, Family Affair, The Parent Trap or one of his other series, innumerable films and guest appearances. His legacy as an extraordinary performer deserves this commemoration.


On-line Auction

Coming November, 2007!

The Brian Keith fans in the Hardcastle and McCormick fandom have been successful in winning approval for a Star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame to recognize and commemorate Brian’s lifetime contributions as a performer who touched our hearts in so many ways. The Star is scheduled for installation on June 26, 2008 at 11:30 in the morning, providing the full associated costs of the Star are paid in full by April, 2008. For more information about The Star for Brian, and about our other fundraising initiatives, please go to www.starforbrian.com

The fans have been actively and successfully raising funds to pay for the installation and maintenance of the Star in perpetuity. However, the required contribution to support a Star was unexpectedly increased from $15,000 to $25,000 this year, so we have to raise the additional $10,000 in a hurry. As one of our ongoing fundraising activities, we’re hosting this on-line auction to provide bidders the opportunity to acquire memorabilia, art, stories, hand-made crafts, and a wide range of gifts for their holiday gift-giving.

If you’ve never participated in an on-line auction before, it’s really easy! Over the next few months, people will advise us of the items they will donate for auction. We’ll post a website where people can check out the donated items in advance, and obtain all the information on how to access and bid on the auction. In mid-November, we’ll hold the auction on www.thefreeauction.com All items will be listed with a minimum fifteen dollar bid. The auction site provides an easy registration process for those who wish to bid, automatically records bids and bids for you (in one dollar increments) up to your maximum bid amount, and informs winners of the items they won. The auction will run for fourteen days, so there will be lots of time to get your bids in. After the auction, the winning bidders make their donation for the items they won through Paypal to the Star for Brian fund, and then we’ll connect donors and winners, so the donors can send the item. See – very easy!

However, for this auction to work, we desperately need your help – we need donations from you of items for individuals to bid on!

What ‘items’ you ask?

Well, there are a thousand ideas, but here are just a few to get you thinking:

If you’re a writer, you could donate a story or maybe a zine of the winner’s favorite three stories; an artist might donate sketches or prints of their paintings of our favorite characters; you could offer a songvid or a photo-manipulation, or a CD collection of screen caps or icons. (Note: donations don’t have to be only related to the Hardcastle and McCormick fandom – offer to write a story or make a songvid for another fandom and let them know to check out the auction. All story and art donations in this auction will have gen themes about friendship but could be hurt/comfort, adventure, drama, case story, humour, and so on.)

You could offer your services as a beta editor to a writer; you could make or donate Christmas tree ornaments, coffee mugs, a set of coasters, decorative table runners with a holiday theme, home-made Christmas cards, a jar of home-made preserves, a Christmas cake or baked goods. You could make fridge magnets, calenders or paperweights featuring our guys’ photos, knit a scarf and matching hat; transfer a great photo onto decorative pillows or a sweatshirt or T-shirt.

If you’re not into making things, you could donate photos you’ve collected but would be willing to part with or original scripts from an episode, new or used zines full of great fanfic. And … wow, the list of possible holiday gift items is endless! Gift certificates for national coffee house or restaurant chains, Christmas tree ornaments, bath/spa products, CDs of Christmas music, used boxed sets of television series or a dvd of a Christmas movie, favorite barbecue sauce, a gift box of jams or honey or coffee or tea or hot chocolate, seasonal ornaments, fancy holiday candles, a decorative serving dish, candy dish, or serving bowls, tablecloths. Donate something that you’d like to receive. The list is endless.

And we already have one confirmed incredibly fabulous donation! Janet, ‘the quilt lady’, from The Sentinel fandom is donating a gorgeous quilt with pictures of Hardcastle and McCormick incorporated in the design.

If you are willing to donate to support the STAR for Brian, to be part of giving this great actor the recognition he so richly earned, and want to join in celebrating his achievements, then contact me at mhay18 @ shaw.ca I’ll need a short description (and electronic photo if you have one) of the item you’re donating, and whether you’d be willing to pay postage (if applicable) to send the item to the winner. That’s it; that’s all you have to do until after the auction ends and you’re advised of the winner of your item. Once we have a website developed to showcase the donations, I’ll let you know and you can check it out to see what everyone else is donating – to get ideas about what you’ll want to bid on when the auction is running.

And please, please feel free to POST this announcement anywhere and everywhere, online and off, in your grocery store, where you work, with other fandoms you participate in, on your Life Journal. We want to spread the word as far and wide as possible and get as many people as we can participating, to help us make this dream of a Star for Brian come true!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you! Together, we can make sure Brian gets his Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Marilyn (aka Arianna)</li-cut>


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Aug. 3rd, 2007 03:44 pm (UTC)
I just found -- in moving stuff from one house to another -- a Fan Odessy 2003 T-Shirt, signed by Garett Maggart, Bruce Young, Elizabeth Gracen, James Horan, and Maureen Russel (those three from Highlander). Size Large, white with a blue "stars / galaxy" picture on the front. (I'll show you later.)

Anyway, I'll donate this.
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