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::Huge sigh of relief!::

I've just sent Tammy her auction story, Under the Wide Prairie Sky, the third story in the Bitterwood Creek Old West AU (there will, eventually, be one more story in this series). And, bless her heart, she's released it for immediate posting!

So, the gen version has gone to Starfox and will hopefully be up next week, on my Brothers in Time page on her site.

And, as soon as I get the story coded, probably next week, as well (I've entered a three-day novel writing contest this weekend, so no time to code!), it will be up on my hidden-muse slash site, in the Lovers Through Time series. Once both stories are posted, I'll do the official announcement on TS News and a couple lists.

Oh, man, I am SO glad this is finished. My heartfelt thanks to StarWatcher for pulling out all the stops so I could get it to Tammy this weekend, before I get caught up in the contest!


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Aug. 31st, 2007 09:20 pm (UTC)
Yippee more BWC!
Aug. 31st, 2007 11:42 pm (UTC)
Sep. 6th, 2007 03:47 am (UTC)
This is wonderful news!!! I love that series!


Thank you!
Sep. 13th, 2007 01:02 am (UTC)
I just finished your story and oh my gosh, I need the next part fast!

Where you dared go in a piece of fanfiction was brave and startling and worked for me. The two most intense scenes for me were of course, the burning and then somewhat surprisingly the Christmas sermon with the sweet precious Pastor and I am so pleased he is part of the family now.

I loved the ring and Jim's reaction to Blair's wandering into sentimentality. And then when Jim made his move with the bottomline aspect portfolio and the freedom that meant for them both, it is this balance that is their relationship.

Maisie was an unremembered joy and Megan is always delightful as are Joel and Simon. The development of Henri and Hannah and those beautiful children Cherie and Rose, with Rose sticking up for Blair in a way that touched my heart and Blair's willing Cherie to life was a revelation all around. I loved them all the more and feared for them so dreadfully.

My favorite aspect of this story was how you were brave enough not to heal the town when Kincaid was removed. That is a truth. Sometimes one bad apple is just the beginning of a lousy crop. Sheep farmers ; ) It was so brave to have Jim and Blair decide to move on and not stay and fight it out. I was sore afraid it was not going to be in time! That bitter truth though, applying discretion and living to take a stand another day is sometimes better and much more true to life. Of course, in fanfiction we can gather up all our friends and family and take them with us to a new life and hallelujah for that!

But there is something in me that wants to know what happened to that town...

Blair's internal trip in this story is the most incomplete aspect of the tale and I feel sure you are going to address it in the next part. His discoveries and imagined failings and dispiriting encounters and the ugliness that he could not shake, haunted him, and me, and I hope he can get to a better place mentally in the next part. Like Jim, I was very very worried about our Blair. But then Blair and I were worried Jim was going to get shot in the back!

Excellent suspense and action. And so much about the spiritual! But also you addressed the insidiousness of the fear and loathing of the different. So well done. But the homerun was that devastating indifference of the white male in power to the persons who choose the different path, that is until the newspaperman was shot and they realized they were vulnerable,too. To me that was your best unexpected moment, smacking that little truth home with a deft hand. It is one of the great blindness of our society and you hung your hat on that moment! Excellent!

I enjoyed this so much! Thank you! It was a treat! But I do need that next bit ; )
Sep. 13th, 2007 06:05 am (UTC)
You are such a joy. Honestly, I read your comments and felt SO good about this story, that you'd 'gotten' all the stuff I wanted the story to convey. This story was so hard to write. You're very right that Blair has some serious healing and learning to do, which is why they're going to the reservation before they head further north and west (the next story will start on the reservation). I was afraid as I wrote this, that Blair might come off as wimp, too ready to back down, to not fight, and H and Simon and Joel, too, for that matter. But there were no 'rights' then, no legal infrastructure to support them and, even with that today, the pain that's inflicted out of blind hate is hideous. I'm so glad you saw the moments of Dan being shot as the defining moment when the 'home truths' were evident to the others, as a pivotal event, because it was a key point for me in writing the story, to get it to that point believably. Such hatred doesn't just hurt those to which it's first directed. It's corrosive and ultimately destroys everyone it touches.

I'm so glad you also enjoyed the sermon. I was afraid it might be too preachy, but Pastor Stevens is a sincere, very good man, who cared very deeply about what was happening. Maisie came into her own in this story -- we didn't see that much of her before, or H's family. This story was about making them all 'real' and not just background shadows, making them three dimensional.

What happens to Bitterwood Creek? Another reader suggested she found the symbolism of the end, where it sank into the prairie, to mean that the town would not survive, could not survive, without it's doctor, sheriff, store, etc, that within a year, sick and lawless, the town would have failed. I didn't necessarily intend that, but it works for me!

There will be one more story, to be called 'Soiled Doves' which will deal with, amongst other things, prostitution in the Old West. Toby and William will also be back, and we'll finally meet Naomi in this AU. Don't know when it will be written, though. I've got six other stories in the chute ahead of this one, at least two for another fandom.

Again, thanks so very much for your thoughtful and enthusiastic commentary. You made my day, and made me feel very glad that I persevered and wrote this story. It was so hard to write this stuff ... and I was so afraid it wouldn't be a story that people would either enjoy or appreciate, that it would be just be too dreary. You made me feel very glad to have written it.
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