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Hines and Hunt asking for HELP!

Hey, everyone, Garett’s management at Hines and Hunt has asked us to ask you for help:

To: GMO Online <garettmaggartonline@gmail.com>

This is Justine Hunt, a partner in Garett's management company. I need you girls to help me out. The networks are only looking at specific name talent for the upcoming pilot season. We need to rally around and write or email the networks and let them know that we want to see Garett back on television where he belongs. Let's get this going ASAP so we can monopolize on the upcoming season. I will do everything I can on my end. Let's keep in touch.
Best Regards,

We’ve asked Justine if she has any specific names or producers in mind but, in the meantime, we can begin sending letters and emails to ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and CW. And, while generic notes will help garner attention, specific letters to the producers of your favorite television shows may help even more. Why? Because you can wax lyrical on how great the show is, why you like it so much, and how much more you’d like it if Garett was in it as a guest star or recurring cast member, and you know that thousands of others would begin watching the show to see him – and then you can go on, to say exactly why he’d be so great in terms of his acting ability in both comedy and drama, his on-screen presence (ie the camera loves him), and the fact that he’s known to be a consummate professional who always shows up on time, fully prepared, and is a pleasure to work with.

We need to remind the studios that this is an actor who costarred in a very successful series that is still actively remembered by the fans more than ten years later because his acting made his performance both endearing and enduring. Feel free to point out that he still has so much support that for one charity alone, he has raised over $135,000 and, as another example, the University of British Columbia, Department of Anthropology has a scholarship in the name of Blair Sandburg, the character he played, funded by fan donations, simply because these are ways the fans have chosen to thank him for having enriched our lives. This is an actor who has lasting impact!

Be courteous and enthusiastic in your notes. Remember to refer the recipient to his website, www.garettmaggartonline.com/video/flash/demos.htm where they can check out his performance reels. And remember to include the address of his representatives, Attn: Justine Hunt, Hines and Hunt Management, 1213 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, California 91506
This is the fandom that got the network to bring The Sentinel back after it was canceled, and this is the fandom that has responded so wholeheartedly to Moonridge – let’s put the same energy and commitment into showing the networks we haven’t forgotten Garett and we want to see him back on television where he belongs!

Here are some addresses to get started with:

ABC: abc.go.com/site/contactus.html (this link takes you to the email form)

NBC: www.nbc.com/footer/contact_us/ and, on that page, look for: ‘Questions not found on FAQ page on NBC Programming. Email us using the pull-down menu below’ and then go to ‘other’ … it will bring up an email message form.

CBS: go to www.cbs.com/daytime/yr/# Then go to the bottom of that page and hit ‘feedback’. This will bring up a form on which you can send a message about your favorite shows, or a generic message recommending they bring Garett onboard as a guest star or recurring cast member.

CW: email to: feedback@CWTV.com

FOX: P.O. Box 900, Attn: Fox Broadcasting Television Casting, Beverly Hills, 90213-0900 (there was no email link on the site).

Feel free to share this message on your lists! Put a link to it in your LJ! Let Hollywood know we want Garett back on TV! And let us know when you’ve sent your emails and letters, so we can keep Justine apprised of the fandom’s efforts on Garett’s behalf!

Let’s do it! Let’s make this happen!!!

Correction: The proper reference to the fund established at UBC is The Sentinel Prize for Anthropology. Our thanks to Akablonded for this correction!!!!



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