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STAR for BRIAN Auction Update

We're less than a month to the start of our Star for Brian auction, November 3 to 17. If you've made donations, please, please check the descriptive auction pages at www.starforbrian.com to make sure your item is there and is listed the way you want. Please also take note of whether it says anything about shipping and if you have any restrictions. If there is nothing about shipping in the item description, it's assumed that the donor will ship internationally to the winner, and this will be stated in the item description on the formal auction site. So, if you are not paying shipping, or only paying shipping in the US, this must be stated as part of the item description.

One week before the auction, I'll be posting information about how to register at www.thefreeauction.com and how the bidding works, etc. In the meantime, all that information is available on the descriptive auction pages under FAQs. If there's anything that's not clear to you or that you find confusing, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. We also have 'special donation' items, including stories, on the descriptive auction pages at the www.starforbrian.com website. These items are available for a specific donation and will not be put up for general auction.

We have a lot of great items! But there's always room for more, especially items that would make good Christmas gifts, or used zines that you'd be willing to part with. If you haven't checked out the items that are listed, go on over and take a gander. Christmas cookies and fruit cake, a candy cake! Artwork, and memorabilia that's not restricted to Hardcastle and McCormick. Beautiful craft work like a quilt and a blanket. A new dvd player. Beautiful H&M calendars and fridge magnets. Celebrity lunches. Autographed scripts and books. Lots and lots of neat things that I hope many of you will bid on when the auction starts.

We're very grateful to all our generous donors!

Again, please feel free to share this note with your other lists.


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Oct. 14th, 2007 04:03 am (UTC)
It looks good, but I had a little trouble finding it. I thought 'Auction Home' would take me to the freeauction site. (My dad once told me, "If an order *can* be misunderstood, it *will* be misunderstood." It seems to work in other venues, as well.) Anyway, if you announce elsewhere, you might specify to click on 'Auction Home'.

For my stuff specifically -- you might want to give the picture links for the T-shirt and the magazine. Pictures often mean so much more than mere description.

SFB#1P. From StarWatcher: a Fan Oddessey 2003 T-Shirt,

SFB#23P. From StarWatcher: Verbatim, Issue 7,

And please add the disclaimer, "I'll pay postage in the US, and split it with an overseas winner." to them.

The other two look good. Thanks. And good luck!
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