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Wow, seems like only last week that we announced the auction to raise funds to help pay for the installation and maintenance of a star for Brian Keith on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and requested donations ... and now, it's about to begin!

A good many people from this and other fandoms have been exceedingly generous, and we have over 150 items for you to bid on! Really great items, some from celebrities that include autographs, lots of gift ideas for Christmas, including jewellry and a brand new dvd player. Do you have cats or know someone who does? Give them a 'cat playground' this year! No time to do your own Christmas baking? We've got homemade Christmas cookies, bourbon balls, a fruitcake and a whole basket of delectable European pastries. Need something to read? Would you like some artwork to illustrate your stories? An artist is ready to do photomanips for you. We have original artwork, too! And memorabilia galore from a number of fandoms! And a TS songvid! I have two stories up for auction that could be TS stories (even slash TS stories if that's what the winners want), and PattRose is offering ficlets. We have one of Janet's quilts, an afghan, and a Swedish-weave blanket to keep you warm on cold winter nights. Seriously, if you haven't checked the Auction Home page at www.starforbrian.com rush on over right now!

There will be three 'auction' processes.

1. Ebay auctions will be held for the lunches with Daniel Hugh Kelly, costar of Hardcastle and McCormick, as well as star of several of his own shows, and Larry Hertzog, writer and producer, as well as of Brian Keith's jacket. That auction starts tomorrow, and I'll post the direct urls tomorrow.

2. Most of the 150 items in the STAR auction will be listed at www.thefreeauction.com (under 'Miscellaneous' and 'General')by early tomorrow morning. REMEMBER, YOU NEED TO REGISTER TO BID. The auction will run for 14 days, ending on November 17, and the winners will be notified by the auction system. It's your responsibility to follow the items you're interested in, to make sure you get in your bid before bidding on the item 'closes'.

Instructions for payments by the winners are in the FAQs at the Auction Home page, and will also be included in item descriptions on the freeauction site. Payment MUST be made before links are made between winners and donors, to arrange shipping. Shipping will be paid by the donor unless the item description specifies differently.

3. Some of the 150 items are 'SPECIAL DONATION' items that will NOT be listed on the freeauction site. You can see these on the Auction Home pages. Read the item descriptions carefully! In many cases, there is only one item and it will go to the first person who writes me to signal interest and, upon confirmation that the item is still available, makes the requisite donation to the STAR fund. My email address is mhay18 at shaw.ca

Basically, it will all run the same way as our traditional Moonridge auctions. (Salutes Aly for her help in setting this up.)

Truly, there's something for everyone in this auction. So get ready, get set and go to the auction sites tomorrow to begin making your bids!

One small note for those who might be interested in bidding on my stories. My arthritis has worsened and it looks like I'm going to need a shoulder joint replacement for my right arm. Until that happens, my ability to type is sorely limited -- and I may not be able to write these stories until after surgery and recovery, which I hope will occur over the winter. So, these stories may not get written until next spring. However, I give you my word, they will be written!

So, please, check out the auction, do some early Christmas shopping, and help us get the star for Brian Keith, in recognition of his lifetime of artistic contribution and for all the hours of enjoyment he gave to every one of us.



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Nov. 3rd, 2007 12:44 am (UTC)
My dear Arianna, I read this entire thing and not one freaking word made any sense to me. That would be because I read Star for BRAIN auction. I had that stuck in my head the entire time I read it and of course, none of the information matched what I was thinking.
I'm gonna work on reading it again the proper way, and of course, contributing.
Yours forever dorque T
Nov. 3rd, 2007 01:57 am (UTC)
LOL. Ah, well, you've been having difficult times and are no doubt very tired! It's an easy thing to misread!

Thanks for your support!
Nov. 3rd, 2007 01:48 am (UTC)
Hey, buddy... been meaning to email you for a week now. Between writing my Secret Santa story, and formatting pictures for school, time vanishes.

I have two more items, though I don't know if anyone will want them --

Dr. Who Calendar, 1984 (pictures of Dr. #1, of Cybernaughts, of Dr. #2, of Daleks, of Dr. #3 + Sarah Jane, of Dr. #4 + Sarah Jane, of K-9, of Dr. #4, of Teegan, of Dr. #3 closeup, of Dr. #4, centerfold of Dr. #4 in the yellow car.

Dr. Who Calendar, 1985 (pictures of Dr. #4 + Leela, of Dr. #1 + granddaughter, of Dr. #6 + Perri, of Dr. #2, of Dr. #5, of Dr. #5 + Teegan + Turlough, of Dr. #6, of Dr. #3, of Dr. #3 + Sarah Jane, of Dr. #3 + Brigadier, of granddaughter, of Dr. #1 + #2 + #3 + #5, of Teegan + Adric, centerfold of Dr. #4.

Caveat: Pictures are somewhat grainy; either the technology wasn't great then, or they just didn't think the fans would care.

As with the others, I'll pay postage in the US, and split with an overseas winner.
Nov. 3rd, 2007 01:56 am (UTC)
Thanks, buddy. We'll add these items tonight when we load the site!
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