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Well, we're up and running and already getting bids! Remember TS fans, there are items listed in the auction just for you! PattRose has several items offering art for stories (so writers, go take a look!), and she also has several items of ficlets and, like me with my two auction stories, though the auction is gen to celebrate the friendship between the characters, Hardcastle and McCormick, PattRose will do a side deal with winners, if they want slash rather than gen stories. Peter Neverland has a TS songvid, winner chooses the music. And, seriously, there are great gift and novelty items. Oh, writers! There's an apothecary jar filled with plot ideas, to help get past those nasty blocks!

And, hey, Dr. Who fans? There's memorabilia for you up for auction. How about Star Trek fans? Voyager fans? Deep Space Nine fans? Enterprise fans? The Next Generation fans? SG-1 fans? A-Team fans? Andromeda fans? Yep, we've got autographed photos of lots of the stars of these shows. And there is all kinds of Brian Keith memorabilia, including an uncut edition of The Alamo, as well as of Daniel Hugh Kelly. Go to www.thefreeauction.com and check under Miscellaneous General to see all the items -- five whole pages of items!

Once you see everything that's there, from memorabilia to gifts, you may even want to tell your family and friends about this auction, so they can get a jump on their Christmas shopping! Check it out: www.thefreeauction.com under Miscellaneous General.

The really special ebay items are now also listed:

Remember Mark McCormick, the guy who married Dora, Ben Cartwright in Ponderosa (the 'growing up years before Bonanza's timeline)? Daniel Hugh Kelly starred in these roles and many more --- and he's offering to have lunch with three people next year during the week of 22 June in LA to coincide with the installation of the STAR for Brian Keith on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on 26 June, 2008. To bid on one or more of these seats, go to:


Larry Hertzog, a writer and producer of Hardcastle and McCormick, as well on other shows,is also offering have lunch with three people that week, most probably on 24 June. Ever wanted to spend quality time with a writer who makes their living at the craft? Here's your chance! To bid on this item, go to:


Brian Keith's widow, Victoria, has donated one of his blue jean jackets, and you can bid on this piece of rare memorabilia at:


The free auction items close on 17 November, and the ebay items close on 13 November.

Seriously, folks, you don't want to miss the STAR for BRIAN auctions on the freeauction site and on ebay! Pass the word along and help us ensure Brian Keith's star gets installed next year!



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Nov. 3rd, 2007 11:38 pm (UTC)
Marilyn, is there a link to a list of all the items up for auction? (Similar to the list that we had for Moonridge where you could see everything that was up for offer.)
Nov. 4th, 2007 03:11 am (UTC)
Jess, yes, sorry, I should have put that link up again, too. Go to the Auction Home pages at www.starforbrian.com to see all the items. Hope you see something of interest to you!
Nov. 4th, 2007 03:16 am (UTC)
Great, thank you, and if you want you can also post this info as a special announcement at sentinellibrary The membership is growing and I know quite a few people have it bookmarked as well.
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