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A year and a half ago, I entered a three day novel writing contest and produced my first original work. Since then, because of arthritis issues, I haven't been able to do any work on that first draft, but I'm planning after I heal from my second shoulder replacement this Thursday to get back to it and do a complete rewrite to, for one thing, shift it from third person to first person POV. I encourage anyone who donates to receive an electronic copy of this rough draft to send me concrit, to help me make it a better work. Anyone who does so will be acknowledged in the author's notes when I send the new version to a publisher.

I first envisioned this story as a screenplay, perhaps as a tv movie that might lead into a series, and I may try my hand at producing that version as well. I think it might make a fun 'road' story of continuing episodes and new weekly adventures. If it ever sells, it may even lead to a series of books. LOL. Big dreams. There is much that needs fixing, not least of which is the location of the 76 Restaurant that features in the story and the description of the route across California to San Francisco -- I finally drove that highway this year for the first time, and realized how far off I'd been in my imagination.

For those of you who do donate to receive the draft of Ang, I very much hope you'll enjoy it.

GMS#39-GF: From Arianna (mhay18@shaw.ca): She is offering to everyone who donates $15 to Moonridge an electronic copy of the first draft of her original novel "Ang" about a man who tragically loses everything he values in his life and retreats to skid row. When he has a mystical experience, he dries himself out cleans himself up, and becomes an independent long distance truck driver directed by a mysterious dispatcher to help others in trouble -- with the hope of maybe saving his own soul. The title "Ang" refers to the name the dispatcher gives him: Angelo di Vialavita, Angel on Life's Highway. (Picture Garett as the protagonist in the event I turn this into a screenplay.)


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May. 12th, 2009 12:09 pm (UTC)
Hey -- just wanted to what a cool idea! I won't be doing any MR bidding myself this year (barring money falling out of the sky or something :-)), but there are so many tempting things being offered (and I love how this pushes the envelope).

And I also want to say I'll be sending you positive thoughts that your shoulder replacement surgery goes ultra smoothly and you're able to recuperate from it as easily and quickly as possible (or even more so :-)).

::hugging you bunches::
May. 12th, 2009 06:43 pm (UTC)
LOL, pushes the envelope, alright. I'm not sure there'll be many (or any) who will be interested. But I couldn't write enough (literally couldn't type) this year to produce a gen offering as well as the story I've done for Janet's claim auction, so I thought this might be something of an alternative.

Thanks for the positive thoughts! I'll take all I can get! ::grins:: I'm not worried or even very nervous about it because the right shoulder went so well last fall that mostly I'm just looking forward to so much less pain than I have now. But it does take a while to heal, and I won't be able to keyboard much for weeks.

I'm sorry you won't be able to participate in the bidding this year. As you say, there're so many great items on offer, and I really like the claim auctions where a set amount gets everyone a copy of whatever. I hope money rains down upon you, rains and rains and rains, very soon.
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