caarianna (caarianna) wrote,

Last Moonridge Pitch

Hey, just wanted to do one more pitch for this item:

GMC#6:From Janet and PollyB, ( & Janet will donate $10 for every author (NO LIMIT) who commits to writing a SEQUEL to Polly's story, Five in a Stink, that is at least five pages in length. In addition, every person who donates $25 to Moonridge Zoo will be given electronic copies of all the sequels.

I've written a long sequel, 90 plus pages, to get the guys to a happy ending, and I know PollyB has written a long sequel, too, that also has a prequel and an interesting twist for an unusual ending. I also know one other author has taken up the challenge, so that's three stories. I still hope a few more authors will take the challenge but, as a minimum, donors would receive three stories for a $25 donation, two of them, at least, VERY long stories! It's a pretty good deal!

So far, only ONE reader has donated, so come on folks, there have to be more of you out there who would like to see some kind of happy ending to PollyB's Five in the Stink partner betrayal story!
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