caarianna (caarianna) wrote,

Just wondering ...

In the spirit of actual using a journal to record thoughts and seek the input of others, I've been musing about a few things and would like to hear your thoughts. Why? Well, mostly just 'cause I'm interested in your views, but also because some of your reflections may help me come up with plot ideas, lol. And because your perspectives can help enrich my view and appreciation of these characters, which hopefully will translate into better stories. Finally, I'm hoping your responses may lead me to some great fic I've not yet read. Feel free to respond to any or all of the questions below:

What first 'hooked' you to The Sentinel?

What do you most like about the series scenario?

What bugs you most about the characters?

What do you like best about them? Individually? Together?

Are there plots/situations/missing scenes that you'd really like to see explored in fan fic?

Are there storylines you hope to never see again? (Note: this is not to suggest that I'd never write such storylines again, lol -- but I might put on a warning so you wouldn't waste your time reading it)

Who are your favorite authors? Why?

Do you have any 'most favorite stories'?

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