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I'm posting this for aly, so please don't hit reply if you have any questions! Instead, email aly directly at: alysideburns@gmail.com - thank you!


::Please pass this message on::

Next Saturday, August 17th, the official site will be up and running - BUT - it will be at a DIFFERENT site so:

The new site is the GMFOR_MOONRIDGE live journal site. Now don't be frightened by that - remember, you do NOT need to be a member of LJ to read any posts or even make comments, all right?

GMFOR_MOONRIDGE will have newly designed pages that will look very similar to what you're used to seeing at the website (which will be back next year!). You'll still be able to see all the items donated (with any accompanying photos), as well as the animals up for adoption this year. There will be no changes to HOW you view items, only the URL will have changed.

Unfortunately, at this point, meaning less than a month from the start of our annual Moonridge Auction (Read: Big Bear Alpine Zoo Online Fandom Benefit *G*). the number of donations is too low. Far too low.

I hope this doesn't mean we've hit the wall with our auction? Is TEN years too much? Do we still LOVE our show and the guys - not to mention Garett and the Zoo? Do fans believe Garett isn't still interested?

I can't answer most of the questions above, although I pray the answers are "NO, we haven't hit the wall" and "YES, we still love our show, the guys, Garett and the Zoo!". *G* As to the last question, well, if you believe Garett isn't interested any longer, I can say with great confidence that you're WRONG.

Garett will be joining some Senfen in the UK this Fall, for another fantastic GMOH con - and YES, he's still very committed to the Zoo and to attending the next Sentinel Day (which will be summer of 2014) and to the Grand Opening for the Zoo (whenever that happens). And yes, he cares how well we do with our auction too!

So that just leaves us - the FANS. Are we still committed? Can we make it through another fun Auction? I say YES.

And even as I say YES, I know our authors are leery to promise stories again, as so many of us (yeah, I'm one of them) still owe from previous years. So what's the answer? Easy: Let's take the load off of them, give them a break this year (well, except for those who have stories ready and waiting *BG*) by putting our imaginations to work.

Let's come up with MORE of the other types of items to donate! Like, hello? This fandom has the most INCREDIBLE artists, both those who work in oil, acrylics, charcoal, etc, and those who use programs like Photoshop to create great manipulations, artwork, etc. Spread the word to them, ask YOUR favorite artist if she has one work she could offer, just ONE. Maybe a piece to fit your favorite TS fan fic? Or ANY favorite fan fic? Or maybe a mood theme series for your LJ? Or icons to go with a favorite episode - or maybe one icon for each episode of your favorite show (make it easy on them - like ONE season *G*)?

Get those wheels turning, folks - there's so much talent out there, and that means it's time to start 'nudging' and, okay, NAGGING! We have creative people - fans who make tons of fandom-related items, so start ASKING, and remember, ALL fandoms are welcome. And of course, items don't even need to be fandom-related.

And to our brilliant, creative fans - I know you can come up with SOMETHING to offer. Check your fandom room (what, you don't have one? *wink*), your 'stash', and think of the ANIMALS. Animals that NEED you and your donated items.

And yes, think of ME. PLEASE. The longer you wait to donate, the harder my job becomes as I try to get things ready. I'm not getting any younger, you know! *BG*

Please don't let our tenth anniversary mean the end. I KNOW this fandom is alive and well so let's prove it to the world and for The Big Bear Alpine Zoo, or as we will always lovingly call it: Moonridge Animal Park. And let's prove it to Garett too.

PS: The FAQ telling you how to donate items is here:


And for those who are leery of a 'tiny url', here's the preview URL: http://preview.tinyurl.com/mhzydyx


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