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Petition for THE GLADES

This is a link to sign a petition to encourage the network to either renew the series (not much hope) or at least do a 2 hour tv movie or 2-3 mini series to wrap this show up. It could have had the perfect ending but the producers let it wrap with a hideous cliffhanger that will now never be resolved. This is casual cruelty for the show's cast and crew as well as for the loyal viewers. If this is how A&E rewards loyalty, then maybe they can do without mine and around 4 million other people who tuned in to this show each week. If you agree that this is no way to end a show, no way to treat viewers or the show itself, then I hope you'll sign the petition at the url below, and I hope you'll pass this link on to encourage others to sign as well.



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Sep. 4th, 2013 02:03 am (UTC)
I'm sorry they twisted their fans' hearts like that; I know how upsetting it is. I never got into "Glades", but I did sign for you, and wrote --

In days of declining viewership, why would you turn loyal fans against you by ending "Glades" with a cliffhanger instead of the wedding? Every show must end; it's inevitable. But now, A&E goes on the list of networks I can't trust to deliver on its "contract" to viewers to give a show an actual, acceptable ending instead of bringing it to an unfinished, screeching halt. If not another season, why not film a different ending and reshow the last episode with the wrap up at the wedding? I know TV is all about ratings. With this travesty of an ending, you've left this viewer with far, far less inclination to try your next "big thing". And, as of this writing, it appears that 2,766 fans agree with me. Multiply by 10 or more "silent" fans, and it seems that your ratings will go down. Was this decision worth the backlash you're getting?

Yeah, I swiped your idea, but since I've never seen it, I didn't know anything else to say. *shrug* Petitions brought back Star Trek and The Sentinel; maybe Glades will be as lucky. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
Sep. 4th, 2013 03:07 am (UTC)
Thanks, Linda. This wasn’t the best show on tv and not my favourite. But they had interesting twists to their mysteries each week, the actors all delivered consistently, so that we came to care about the characters and the production values were very high. They had a ‘continuing’ romance that began in the first ep and which would have culminated beautifully with the wedding in the last ep. Instead, they chose in literally the final seconds of the ep, while the beautiful bride waited for her groom, and he was strewing rose petals in the house he’d just bought to surprise her, the house she’d dreamed of living in since childhood – so a poignantly beautiful act – in these last seconds, they chose to gun him down.
As a cliffhanger, it was annoying but predictable and you just figure it will be fixed next season. But as a series ending? Hideous. Revolting. The casual cruelty and utter indifference to the cast and crew, and to the viewers, are breathtaking. I can’t imagine that anyone involved in the creation and/or enjoyment of this series could be left feeling anything but sick at heart. The brutality of such an ugly, violent end to what had been quite a sweet show was/is staggering.

Though I hold out little hope of even a refilming of the end, let alone a two hour tv movie or series renewal, I could not help but protest. I really appreciate you adding your vote and your wonderfully rationale and compelling comments in support.
Sep. 4th, 2013 06:43 am (UTC)
I've always loathed end-of-season cliffhangers (two-part eps and serials); so often the resolution is a total cop-out. So often when the next episode rolls around you discover it wasn't a cliff-hanger after all, you see the scene again from a different angle and discover that the 'drama' never actually existed, it was a 'line of sight' thing.

And with end-of-season, what's the point? To encourage viewers to watch the next season? Keen viewers will watch anyway; casual viewers aren't going to care if a main character is left apparently bleeding to death. Even if it's renewed, half the time casual viewers will have forgotten the cliff-hanger before the next season hits their screens. Don't producers know networks will drop anything to make room for the next shiny? Networks aren't going to care about cliff-hangers! If I know the last ep of a season is part one of a two-parter, I record it but don't watch it until just before part two is due to be aired... like the hour before.

I've never seen Glades, but I'd have signed the petition - but didn't, sorry. Although it says the address will remain private, and I can understand why they ask for it, I'm not comfortable about giving it.
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