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Brokeback Mountain

Gotta add my accolades to all those this brilliant movie has already garnered. It's profoundly moving, very powerful, yet in a quiet, understated way which makes the moments of emotion that much more compelling. Technically, it's beautifully done, with excellent acting by everyone, not just the leads, and the photography is gorgeous. The sets really bring home the poverty in which most of the characters lived and felt very authentic -- reminded me a lot of my childhood, actually. At the same time, the more middle class environment that Jack had underscored a kind of poverty of spirit. I thought sound quality could have been better, in that I missed dialogue here and there, but then I might simply be growing deaf. Even with knowing what was coming, having read the short story and others commentaries on the movie, I was weeping at the end and if I'd been watching in the privacy of my home rather than a movie theatre, might well have been sobbing. It's tragic, and leaves an ache inside.

Like Aly, I found the audience to be made up of middle aged and older people rather than young adults. Not sure what that says, except we're the hippie generation, the ones that believed people, any people, should have the chance and right to love as their hearts chose. So maybe we've all been waiting a long time for this movie, this expression that it's past time to bury the bigotry and let people just be who they are and love who they will.

Between Heath and Jake, I'm hard-pressed to delineate who was the best actor. Jake had some of the best lines and his character was the more expressive of the two. Heath was like a volcano, dormant most of the time, his emotions locked down tight but, man, when he blew -- after they'd separated after the first summer; when he was defending Jack, his time with Jack, with his ex-wife; their last time on the mountain; his controlled grief cracking as he broke down in Jack's closet -- God, the man can rip your heart out. Both men were entirely credible in their parts (so much so that I forgot I was watching a movie and was simply there, in the story); both gave passionate and poignant performances.

In short, I loved the movie and I'm grateful to everyone involved for having made it. I think it will, one day, be considered a 'classic'. It's a truly great film.


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Jan. 23rd, 2006 08:37 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the review. Makes me even more anxious to see it. The movie opens here on Australia Day (Jan 26) which is a public holiday so if I get the chance I might take myself off to see it then.
Feb. 4th, 2006 01:10 pm (UTC)
Have to add my kudos here. What a brilliant movie. I agree with you about it being understated which only added to the overall story. Beautiful scenic shots and the acting from all was incredible. Like you, I'm hard-pressed to decide who, out of Jake and Heath, did the better job. I'd prefer to say they were even though I have to admit that I think Heath won for me for his gut wrenching portayal of a man so tortured by his life choices and their outcomes. That's not to say I don't think Jake didn't do a wonderful job. His portrayal of Jack was wonderful. And I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by Michelle Williams. I've only seen her briefly in Dawson's Creek, which used to be one of my daughter's favorite shows but thought she did a brilliant portrayal of of Alma. I truly felt so sorry for her when she was faced with Ennis and Jack's obvious love for each other. All up. a stellar movie, deserving of many Oscars and I agree, should become a classic of its time.
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