Happy Birthday!

Ande, Hey, sure hope this email addy still works!  I just wanted to pop in to wish you a very Happy Birthday.  I hope all is going well with you; seems like forever since we connected.  

Looks like I'll be going in for a fifth joint replacement sometime next year, this time for a hip replacement.  I'll need some time in a rehab place after because, with hips, one needs help lifting the leg in and out of bed for about two weeks.  Other than that and the perennial battle with weight, I'm doing fine.  

I've been trying to sell the trailer in California - the difference in our dollars has been bad for a long time now and, being on pension, it's increasingly hard to make ends meet.  No luck so far, though, so I'll probably head back to Sky Valley for the winter again this year.  Remember when we went looking at parks after Moonridge back in 2007 or so?  Time goes past so fast!

Have a great day, Ande!

Love, Marilyn


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